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animal & human relationships

large scale Conté drawings

My current works reflect encounters with humans and animals, either fortuitous or planned. Perhaps because of their alterity and relatively short life spans, encounters with animals, especially those in confinement, can be both moving and disturbing. In their presence I feel curiosity and awe, but also joy and sorrow. I cannot be a turkey or a goat, nor do I presume to know what these "other" beings think and feel.  Yet I see connections between humans and animals, which to my mind extend beyond emotional and anthropomorphic considerations, and it matters to me to explore the strange nature of our coexistence.


In my drawings, I wish to articulate the existential quality inherent to all beings, and to honour their singularities. I am interested in creating works which reflect not only the unique physical presence of my subjects, but also the dignity and gravity they seem to convey.

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